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Original documents
Paper format sent by mail

Savings statement
This statement is a consolidated overview of the performance of all assets, both savings and investments.


Free, or $10 if requested 30 days after the initial statement was sent.
The terms of your guaranteed investment certificate. Not available through the Client Centre. 
  Insurance or investment contract  Free 
  Tax slips
Issued for RESP withdrawals. Not available through the Client Centre.
  Tax receipts
Issued for RESP contributions. Not available through the Client Centre.


Copies of the above documents sent by mail. 

Quick reminder: you can access most of your documents through the Client Centre, free of charge.

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Written confirmations  Quick microfiche search
Specific statements dated before 2010 
  Detailed search of documents and archives 
Investment history, closed accounts, statements dated before 2010  

$25/Hour (minimum 1 hour)

If search fails, no charges apply

Miscellaneous  Copy of deposited cheque  $20