FTQ Intersectoral Parity Committee

Welcome, all insureds represented by the FTQ Intersectoral Parity Committee and administrators of this group insurance plan.

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  • Contract – Administrative version on January 1, 2021 – All sectors

  • Zoom on your coverages on January 1, 2022 - Health and Social Services Sector (FTQ-IPC)

  • Zoom on your coverages on January 1, 2022 - School Sector (FTQ-IPC)

  • Zoom sur vos protections au 1er janvier 2022 - Organismes acceptés par le Comité (CPI-FTQ)


  • Contrat - Version administrative au 1er janvier 2021 – Tous les secteurs

  • Information leaflet and rates on January 1, 2022 - Retiree's Life Insurance (FTQ-IPC)


Direct Deposit

To receive accelerated reimbursement of health and dental care claims, you can fill out the Application for Direct Deposit of Benefits  (PDF - 1 page).

Go to your Client Centre to access electronic documents and submit claims.

Mobile app

The Beneva mobile app is a quick and easy way to submit your claims for prescription drugs and medical and paramedical care. Simply add photos of your receipts. And it’s free!