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Your Client Centre account, for you and you alone 

Action required
Change your email by June 15

We will soon be migrating the SSQ Insurance Customer Centre to Beneva. However, the email address you use to log in to your online SSQ account is also used by someone you know for the Beneva Client Centre. This shared address is preventing us from transferring your account automatically. 

It’s therefore very important you change the email address you use to log in before June 15, 2023. 

Steps to follow

Changing your email is easy, we promise!

Follow these 3 steps to change the email linked to your online account. It will only take a couple of minutes. 

First step

Step 1

Head over to the SSQ Insurance Customer Centre and log in. 

Step 2

Step 2

Select Profile from the drop-down menu you see above. 

Step 3

Step 3

Click Change my email. Enter your new email, and voila, you’re all done! 

Don’t miss the June 15 deadline

If you miss the deadline to change your email, your account won't be transferred to the Beneva Client Centre. You will have to create a new account with a different email address, and then add your products manually to view them online. 

Coming soon: All our online services under the Beneva banner

One website

Discover all our insurance and investment products, shop for what you need and find questions to your answers. 

One Client Centre

A one-stop shop where you can access all your products and our online services, like quick, easy online claims! 

One mobile app

Just tap to claim on the go, access your insurance card or check your coverage between calls. 

Frequently asked questions
More questions? We’ve got answers.

The privacy and security of everyone's personal information is paramount to us. That's why a single email address can't be linked to more than one account. Each person must have their own Client Centre account. To access your products, you must use a separate email address. 

Until the migration of our platforms is complete, the SSQ Insurance Customer Centre remains your gateway to your insurance online. When the time comes, you will automatically be redirected to the Beneva website. Simply click Log in at the top of the screen and select Clients

Your account won’t be transferred automatically. You'll have to create a new account on the Beneva Client Centre using a different email address than the one you used for your SSQ Insurance Customer Centre account.